My name is Jessika and I work as a professional Artist, Reiki Master and Photographer in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ever since I was little I have expressed myself through my hands one way or another.

Drawing, painting, sewing, writing stories and taking photographs. Anything that kept my hands involved made me happy.

I went to Photography school and started working as a Photographer in -95. My drawing and painting needs took a step back as a I dove head into the art of Portrait Photography. Later I started painting again and now I do both painting and photography.

Healing came into my life as an adult and I felt right at home from my very first session. My hands knew exactly what to do and it was an amazing feeling and still is.

So this is what I do.

I make art, I heal and I photograph as well as write on different projects. I also give private lessons for children in art making and I love to help them flourish. 

My home is in Nacka, Stockholm where I live with my husband and two children. My art studio as well as my healing studio, “The Treehouse” are both on our property and to be able to work from here is truly magical and I feel very blessed.

It is such a beautiful place with trees all around as well as the lake very close to the house.

If you want to try a healing session or look at some of my art pieces you are most welcome.

Love & Light Jessika Jarl