Hello and welcome

My name is Jessika Jarl and I work as a Photographer, Artist and Reiki healer.

I have worked as a Photographer since -94 and I specialize in portraits, but also street photography that I love to make wallpaper from.

I’ve expressed myself throuh my art since I was a kid and there’s really not a day that goes by without me creating something, be it an art piece or photography. My art is colorful and, I hope, life affirming.

In addition to this I also work as a Reiki healer.

Reiki means universal life energy, and energy really is my red thread through all three of my profession and life in general.

I love working with people, whether it’s through my Photography or Reiki and I find I have a natural talent to make people/clients feel at ease.

So if you’ve entered my site simply because you're curious, a very warm welcome to you.

If you want to book a Reiki session, follow the link below to book directly.

Or perhaps you’re interested in my Photography or Art pieces? If so follow the link to my site Please feel free to share my page to friends you think would appreciate it.
Love and light, Jessika